Verrimus - World Counter Espionage

Equipment Sales

Verrimus, equipment sales of TSCM operational and test equipment. Government only and commercial supply...

Equipment Support

Full equipment support services including R+D, Testing and Evaluation, Procurement Service, Maintenance Services and Disposals...

Equipment Training

Complete training solutions for all TSCM equipment. Functional and Operational training for TSCM and TSCM training equipment...

Verrimus Limited is a UK based company providing worldwide counter espionage and critical information defence services. Our service provision is centred on Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) which can be defined as:

"The protection of protectively marked, commercially sensitive or private information from hostile gathering by technical attack methods leading to loss or unauthorised disclosure of data or information, through the detection, identification, location and denial of technical surveillance attacks."

To provide the correct level of service to meet our client's needs, Verrimus has three separate divisions each employing specialists in their particular field of expertise. This uniquely allows Verrimus to deliver the most accurate and most cost effective level of service required by our clients.